Alumni Remembrance Ceremony

Thursday, February 07, 2019
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (PT)
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Reception, Social, Ceremony
Alumni Relations

The Alumni Remembrance Ceremony is a quarterly ceremony to remember our alumni and friends who have recently passed.

A brief ceremony will be provided by University Chaplain Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie. When possible families have been notified of the ceremony and everyone is welcome to attend. 

The names of alumni and other members of the university community who have recently passed on are inscribed in a Book of Remembrances and the bell in Old College Hall is rung to signify the passing of each individual. 

Paul Adamson

Laura Bondy

Shannon L. (Blacklidge) Brahmer

Virginia (Gunn) Bushong

Randall W. Christiansen

Joshua Cotton

Robert H. Coughran

Marcus S. Crunican

Scott H. Dunlap

Lola L. (Parks) Edwards

William J. Foelker

Barbara S. Geller

Lisa Hargis

Mark O. Harfield

Thomas W. (Bill) Hess

Dianne M. Hibbard

James L. Hoffman

Charlotte I. (Vanebo) Holmes

Omar M. Horani

Howard F. Horner

Thomas D. House

James A. Hudson

Cheryl A. Hummels

Yoshio Inahara

Brenda J. Josenberger

Karen (Mullan) Kaiser

Maurice D. Kimball

Edward J. Knauf

William T. Long

Theodore L. Martin

Billy G. McComb

Mary K. McNassar

Patricia M. Miksa

Amy M. Paterson

Louis B. Perry

Ryan S. Peterson

Ruth M. (Boyles) Petrasso

Julia B. Phipps

David N. Qualls

Thomas R. Rask

Lester L. Rawls

Rhody J. Rodolico

Jean (Paskin) Roth

Edward T. Rooney

Winona L. (Turner) Russell

Steven S. Sakamaki

Clara M. (Chase) Smith

Stanley F. Smith

Wayne E. Stovall

John Suroviak 

George E. Tall Chief

Davis R. Walt

James K. Weber

Gilbert S. Weisman

Harold B. Whitbeck

Elva F. (Booth) Whitney-Parker

Gary E. Williams

Larry A. Williams

Charles W. Wolf

The Office of Alumni Relations is a resource for all former students of Pacific University. Questions and requests for assistance can be directed to 503-352-2057 or 

Alumni Remembrance Ceremony 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (PT)
Old College Hall
2021 College Way, Forest Grove, OR 97116
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